Please note that our website is experiencing difficulties.  If you do not get a response to your application in two days, please contact us.  Thank you!

Thank you for requesting a preliminary application for the Salisbury Christian School.  Because we have limited enrollment, we choose our students through an application process.  The first step is to fill out the preliminary application.  After we receive and review your application, we would normally ask for an in person interview with both the parent and the child, followed by a formal applicaton.  Thank you very much for your interest!

Name of first child
Age of first child
Name of second child
Age of second child
Name of third child
Age of third child
Please give us a short answer of why you are interested in enrolling your children in Salisbury Christian School.
School/s the children are currently attending
Have any of the students wishing to enroll been suspended or expelled from any school?
Does the family attend a local church regularly, and if so, where?
Name of Parent
Parent's email
Phone number