Salisbury Christian School is happy to offer two schoolarships: the Opportunity Scholarship and the Salisbury Community Bible Church Scholarship.

Tuition Rates for 2021-2022

$250 First Student

$200 Second Student

$150 Third Student

$100 Fourth Student

$75 Additional Students


One-Time Fees  (due upon enrollment)

Diagnostic Testing $30.00 Testing for placement of new students Non-refundable one-time charge

Reading Readiness Test $15.00 Testing readiness of Kindergarten students Non-refundable one-time fee

Annual Fees

Paper Goods fee $25.00 per family.  Covers the cost of lunch paper supplies.

Graduation Fee (students graduating from kindergarten or high school only)  $25 per student

Testing Fee (only billed to students in mandated testing grades--3rd, 6th. 9th and 11th.  Also, testing is mandated by the State of NC for any Opportunity Scholarship receipients)  $35 per student.

Semester Fees

Registration $25.00 per student

Maintenance $15.00  per student

Monthly Fees 

Media Fee: $10 family fee for one child  $15 family fee for more than one child

Art/Choir/Home Ec Fee--elementary students only.  $5 fee per family

Technology Fee--$5 per family

Late payment fee--$25

Pace Fee--$25 monthly fee per student


Scholarship Opportunities

Salisbury Christian School participates in the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship.  Find out more details.   

Salisbury Community Bible Church Scholarship:  Those who regularly attend Salisbury Community Bible Church may qualify for significantly reduced rates.  SCBChurch is our sponsoring church and provides significant financial support.  

Financial Details:  

Salisbury Christian School is a non-profit, private, Christian school run entirely on the fees and tuition of the student body, and the very much appreciated gifts of the friends of Christian education. Such gifts are, of course, tax deductible. However, money paid for tuition and curriculum is not tax deductible.

Tuition for Salisbury Christian School is calculated on a ten month schedule.  There are ten monthly tuition payments with the first payment due on August 15th and the final tuition payment due on May 15th.  Billing statements are available online on the 25th of each preceeding month, and paid at the school during normal business hours.  Bills due on non school days will be due the next school day. i.e.  Bills due on Saturday will be due on the following Monday if school is in session.  

Those who qualify for less than a 100% Opportunity Scholarship will be billed their remaining balance.  This balance is nonrefundable and is based on the rates submitted to the Opportunity Scholarship at the beginning of the school year.